Gender Based Violence

Since the outbreak of the COVID -19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the levels of crime across South Africa. These levels are expected to increase due to the financial burden that lockdown has and is having on everyday families. From this it has become increasingly vital to provide Self Defence training to all age groups and genders.

Late in 2019, The Earth Trust partnered with a mix of International award winning Mixed Martial Arts, and Boxing Sportsmen to develop a practical and effective Self Defence course for both adults and children.

The requirement of the course is to not only to be able to defend yourself, but to also train individuals on surveying all situations and environments that they enter. Also to evaluate the consequences of defending yourself in certain situations. An additional requirement is that the course could be trained anywhere, it must be mobile and ensure the training area is returned to its original function. This supports us moving into all communities regardless of available infrastructure.