Every one of us is different in some way, but for those of us who are more different, we have to put more effort into convincing the less different that we can do the same thing they can, just differently.

 – Marlee Matlin

Through the work and reach of The Earth Trust we focus our lens on the often invisible and overlooked deaf community of South Africa. For example, there are not even 20 deaf students attending university across the whole of South Africa today! And those who do get tertiary education cannot find employment afterwards, despite being very qualified for their fields.

The Earth Trust is working with our partners to bridge the gap in various initiatives.

About Antony

Anthony, a graduate of The University of the Witwatersrand, who is Deaf, has broken barriers every step of the way to accomplish what he has. His determination, persistence, ability to overcome the obstacles he’s been faced with in his life are exceptional. It’s people like Anthony that we need in South Africa today – in our businesses, and in our communities.