Revan was born on 18 October 2013, where he was diagnosed with Microcephaly and epilepsy.

Microcephaly means small brain, so his head is smaller than a normal child his age, although he is 6 years old (Almost 7), he is still like a 3-month old baby. He still doesn’t sit, walk or talk.

Microcephaly is such a rare condition in South Africa, so little people are aware of the condition.  Awareness about the condition is vital across South Africa.  We hope Revan’s story will raise the awareness needed for family’s who experience this condition.

Revan has to have physio therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy at least once a week. Revan has to see the pediatrician every 2-4 months, and also a pediatric neurologist twice a year. Revan has to go for a MRI and CT scan at least once a year at this stage.  This with the other doctors visits mean his medical costs are huge.

After an incident of ill care from a nanny, Mommy chose to give up her job to look after Revan herself. Daddy’s salary only covers the bare minimum and certainly does not cover all medical costs.


We have opened a Trust fund called The Revan du Toit’s Trust, for all his medical needs. 


He is a special needs kiddie and we will give him the care his needs. He is my son and I’m a Very Proud Mommy of a Very Special Boy!  

Revan has got peace in his heart and overflows with love, and if you meet him you will recognise the angel that resides within.

If you would like further information on Revan and our family please contact The Earth Trust for our contact details.